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_marie XI by serenaburroughs

Very nice work i like this kind of simple portraits. But i got some more to say. At first cons:

The first think that i see on this picture is the arm bone of the girl, i think that you need be more careful next time because that bone do not look nice. mahbe another orietation of you or model help to eleminate that.

The second thing is that i think the picture look beter whith little more space on the right site, that will be little less central and mahbe more intresting, but this is only my opinion and a not a real thing to do. If you like this composition in my opinion is very good.

Now the prons:

So the most important thing, light, ist grat. No less no more just great

Second the emotion of girl we can realy can see that in her face and eyes good job.

The third is conversion to B&W very good and smooth. Like it very much

And at lest the DOF it is very nice that eyes and lips are sharp and the rest of the head start to blur. It gives some magic in this picture.

At the end, grat job, great picture i love it, only that bone in the front :P
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serenaburroughs Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Professional Photographer
At first: Thank you so much for this great critique!
I really like to use an open blend in portraits. I think it gives emotional photos a more melancholic touch to it. Really like that. :)
And now to your cons. I think you're right, somehow. Maybe the bone would be less disturbing, if there was more space on the right side, as you mentioned it. I mean, if one could see more of her shoulder, the bone wouldn't be so accented. And maybe her body is a little to much inclined to the left. If it would be more frontal the bone would probably look less salient.
But all in all I am very happy you like this photo so much.
Thank you very much, and have a nice eve!
Best wishes from Germany! :hug: xx
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